Something that makes the two different are the size of the image. Another thing is that Raw makes the image very clear but you cannot edit it in any way. A Jpeg imagine however, you can edit the size or even quality of the image. Another thing that makes them different is the way you save them. Raw images literally save the image raw, when it was taken, while Jpegs are saved in a way that’s easier to be saved.

Landscape Pic

I messed around with the gradient, liquify, brightness, and curves with the pencil and used the photofilter/ gallery and continued to mess around with it and become more familiar with the tools. I also used the same tools for the 2nd image but I used more saturation on it.

Cultural Identity

This picture is apart of my cultural identity because dogs are the number one animal that lives there . you will see many dogs everywhere like they will be on roofs protecting there home and they will alert you.

This is mother mary

I love food